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At the northern point of Empa beach, bound by a small creek, the twin sister of Pedra Branca can be found – a wave known as Reef. 

This right hander is formed from a very flat reef platform (which gives it its name) which develops on land and deepens along its growth in the NO direction. The wave has a very short area and a fast take-off, followed by a cylindrical tube that ends exactly at the exposed platform at the surface on the inside, which makes it rather dangerous. It works at mid-tide with N to NO swells.


Type of wave: quick right hander, powerful and tubular

Seabed: reef

Tide conditions: medium tide

Swell conditions: NO/N

Wind conditions: from SE to NE

Consistency: ++

Break angle: 35º

Length of break line: 30 to 70 metres

Wave height: 0.5 to 1.5 metres

Break type: plunging

LIVRO7 practice level: 6 - Surfers capable of completing, with control, the 7 manoeuvres and being in control underwater on powerful waves of at least 2 metres.