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Palácio Nacional de Mafra

The Royal Convent of Mafra, later christened the National Palace of Mafra, is an important work of the reign of King João V, and the most important symbol of baroque architecture in Portugal. 

Located in the heart of Mafra town – at the square with the name of the king who ordered its construction – it is the only National Monument that includes a Royal Palace, a Basilica and a Convent.

Its area encompasses 40,000 m2  and 1200 divisions, which form part of spaces and instruments that are unique in the world. Such is the case with the Library, which contains all the knowledge of a collection of more than 36 thousand volumes; the bellringer assembly made up of two carillons with a total of 98 bells; and the six historical organs that resounded once more throughout the Basilica in 2010.

In addition to these unique characteristics, the Palace-Convent of Mafra has accumulated several distinctions over the years. Classified as a National Monument in 1910, it was a finalist at the selection process for the Seven Wonders of Portugal in 2007, and is a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage status.






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