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A new portal: for residents, tourists and investors

Whenever the word "Mafra" is looked up in a search engine, the first suggested reference is the website of the Municipality of Mafra. This trustworthy and user friendly information platform has now been turned into a portal.

This portal comprises three sites - Municipality, Tourism, Economy – aimed at three groups of users with distinct information needs: residents, tourists and investors. In the case of the tourism site, the contents are also available in English.

In addition, the new platform has a distinctive feature, the fact that the content presented is tailored depending on the user's source IP: users with an international IP will view, in the first place, the Tourism site in English; the user with national IP, but outside the Municipality of Mafra, will be directed to the Tourism site in Portuguese; whereas the user with IP located within the Mafra boundaries will be directed to the website of the Municipality in which, in addition to the content of institutional nature, will access to information related to council services.

Valued by modern graphic image and the ease of navigation, these features are accessible through various platforms: PC, tablets and smartphones.

For the Municipality of Mafra, this portal is not a finished product but rather an on-going process, entailing either the addition of new contents or the introduction of features that benefit first and ultimately its users.