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Malveira Fair

This is probably one of the country’s best known fairs, and certainly one of the oldest. The roots of the Malveira Fair date back to the end of the 18th century and the annual fair of that place, the first one to be “duty-free”, by a charter issued by Queen Maria I.   

The Malveira fair was above all involved in the sale of cattle. The arrival of the railway saw this situation change and the fair began to be visited by new residents and traders coming from all over the country.

Today, it is possible to find almost everything at this fair, including clothes, tools, cheeses, sausages, vegetables, bread and regional sweets, farm animals or even furniture. Thursdays are definitely special days in the Saloia region (the rural areas surrounding Lisbon). The apparent chaos and cries of the hawkers, mixed with the colours and sounds of those trying to get the best deal while they bargain for the final price, transform this iconic street market every week into a picturesque place and a must visit.

Feira da Malveira - Fotogaleria