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Foz do Lizandro

Foz do Lizandro is, like the neighbouring São Julião beach, one of the few beach breaks (where waves break on a sandy seabed) that can be found in Mafra Municipality, where rocky seabeds predominate. For this reason, this is a good place for beginners, as a result of which Foz do Lizandro is quite in demand by surfing schools. But, the waves of this beach also offer good conditions for practitioners with a more advanced technical level, as it is one of the most consistent alternatives on low tide days.


Type of wave: right handers and left handers

Seabed: sand

Tide conditions: all conditions

Swell conditions: from S/SO to N/NO

Wind conditions: from SE to NE

Consistency: ++++

Break angle: 45º

Length of break line: 30 to 50 metres

Wave height: 0.5 to 2.5 metres

Break type: plunging

Foz do Lizandro - Fotogaleria