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Crazy Left

Next to the southern edge of the Dois Irmãos bay is Crazy Left, a point break that works well with N and NO swells. 

As it is more exposed to the north wind, it is not a very consistent wave, but when it meets the ideal conditions, its walls are intense and tubular, with several sections that allow for crazy speeds. As it is in a drainage area of water from the bay, it only receives swells in perfect conditions above 2 metres.


Type of wave: fast left hander, long and tubular

Seabed: reef

Tide conditions: rising mid-tide

Swell conditions: N/NO

Wind conditions: from SE to NE

Consistency: + +

Break angle: 40º

Length of break line: 80 to 120 metres

Wave height: 0.5 to 2.5 metres

Break type: plunging

LIVRO7 practice level: 6 - Surfers capable of completing, with control, the 7 manoeuvres and being in control underwater on powerful waves of at least 2 metres.