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On the southern edge of the Dois Irmãos bay (a walk of around 10 minutes from the north coast of Ribeira d’Ilhas), you can find Cave. 

This menacing right hander only began to be surfed recently, and has gained fame in recent years due to its spectacular nature. It is extremely radical, tubular and risky. With a coastal angle still facing south, it breaks on a reef plate that does not connect to land, located at a really shallow depth. The water suction at the base of the wave heading to its peak is so intense that this separates below the water line – giving it its name – with the tube thus formed becoming gradually more hollow, wide and flat as the wave approaches its end. Cave is only meant for experienced and technically experienced surfers, and even they are advised to use protective wear.


Type of wave: fast right hander, tubular, shallow and very dangerous

Seabed: reef

Tide conditions: high tide

Swell conditions: NO/N

Wind conditions: from SE to NE

Consistency: +

Break angle: 27º

Length of break line: 30 to 70 metres

Wave height: 1.0 to 2.5 metres

Type of break: plunging / from bottom

LIVRO7 practice level: 7 - Surfers capable of completing, with control and fluidity, different combinations of the 7 manoeuvres on the same wave, and of being in control underwater on powerful waves of at least 4 metres.